AP Elections 2019 Poling Day and Counting Days Holidays GO NO 799

Elections - General  Elections to  House of People  (Lok Sabha)  and  Andhra Pradesh  State Legislative Assembly, 2019  – Declaration of Holiday on     Polling  Day  on  11.04.2019 (Thursday),  Counting  Day  on  23.05.2019 (Thursday)  - Orders- Issued.

G.O.RT.No. 799                                                  Dated: 04-04-2019 

Read: 1.  From  the ECI,  New Delhi,  Press  Note.No.ECI/PN/23/2019,       Dt.10.03.2019
2. ORDER:    From  the E.C.I.,  Lr.No.78/2019/EPS,Dt.22-03-2019.

According to  the  election  schedule  announced  by  the  Election Commission of India,  vide  reference first  read  above,  the  General  Elections to  House  of  People  (Lok  Sabha) and Andhra  Pradesh  State  Legislative Assembly, 2019  will be held on  11.04.2019 (Thursday) in one phase for  25 Parliamentary  Constituencies  and  175 Assembly  Constituencies  of  13 districts of  the  Andhra  Pradesh State.

2. Hence,  the State Government  hereby  authorize  all  the Collectors  & District  Election  Officers  in  the State to  declare local  holiday  on  the day before the day  of  poll  i.e.,  on  10.04.2019 (Wednesday)   and  day  of  poll  i.e., 11.04.2019(Thursday)  as  the case  may  be,  in  the areas  of  the aforesaid Parliamentary Constituencies/   Assembly  Constituencies  in  connection with the  conduct of  poll  as large  number  of  Public Buildings,  including  Educational Institutions and other  buildings will  be  utilized  for  the  purpose  of  setting up of  the  polling stations and distribution  centers in connection with conduct of General Elections to  the  House of  Parliament and Andhra  Pradesh State Legislative Assembly,2019.  Similarly  all  the Collectors  & District  Election Officers are authorized to declare  a  local holiday on  the  day fixed for counting  i.e., on  23.05.2019 (Thursday),  if  necessary.  On  local  holidays,  the Treasuries  and  Sub-Treasuries  in  the District  will,  however,  function. 

3. Government also  direct, that,   (i) the  Labour, Employment  Training  &  Factories Department to  declare  a paid  holiday  on  the day  of  poll  i.e.,  11.04.2019 (Thursday)  as  the case may be, if  there  is no  holiday  under  the  A.P  Factories and Establishments  Act,  1974 (Act  No.32/1974)  and  A.P  Shops  and Establishments  Act,  1988  read  with  the provisions  Laid  down  in Section  135-B of  the Representation  of the People  Act,  1951 so  as  to enable  the workers  to  exercise  their franchise.  Regarding  the industrial Undertakings / Establishments which are  working on  shift  during which the  poll is  to  be  taken, it  is clarified that a holiday may be  declared only  for  the  shift  during  which  the  poll  is  to  be  taken,  in  view  of  the clarification  issued  by the  Election  Commission of  India,  in its letter No.78/99/PLN-1,Dt:06.04.1999. (ii)  the  Commissioner  of  Labour, A.P., to  declare  a closed  holiday on  the day  of  poll  i.e.  11.04.2019 (Thursday),  as  the case  may  be,  if  there is no  holiday under  the  A.P.,  Shops and  Establishments Act,  1988  (Act 20/1988)  read  with  provisions  laid  down  in  Section  135-B (4)  of  R.P. Act,  1951,  so  as  to  enable  the electors  working  in  such  shops, establishments  to  exercise  their franchise; (

i)   the  Municipal  Corporations, Municipal Councils and other  Local Bodies and  every  University  established  by  central  or State Act  may  also observe  local holidays to be  declared  by the  Collectors & District Election  Officers, as authorized  by the  Government, on  the  day of  poll i.e.,  11.04.2019 (Thursday), as  the case may  be; 4.      The  Government  also  direct  that,  as  clarified  by  the  Commission  vide their letter second  read  above,  in  the  case  of  employees  who are  ordinarily resident in the  area  of  Parliamentary Constituencies/Assembly Constituencies  where poll  on  11.04.2019 (Thursday),  as  the case  may  be, but  having  the place of  work  outside the Constituency  area,  and  the date  of poll  being  different  in  respect  of  the  place of  residence,  those electors including casual workers working outside  the  Constituency  concerned would be  entitled  to  the  benefit of  a paid  holiday extended  under  the  section 135B(1)  of  the Representation  of  the  people  Act,  1951,  although  his/her office  does  not happen to  be  closed  on  that particular  day .The  daily wage/casual  workers  are also  entitled  for  a holiday and wages on  poll day as provided  in  Section135B of  the Representation  of  People  Act,  1951.