AP Half Day Schools Time Table After noon Session

GOVERNMERT OP ANDHRA PRADESH SCHOOL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT From K Sandhya Rani, I.Po.S. Commissänner of Schoolthe State To All the Collectors and Distriet Magistrates in Andhra Pradesh A.P.. Amaravati Lr.Re.No.91/A &1/2019, Dated: 15/03/2019 Sir/Madam

Sub: School Education School Acadenic Calendar for the year 201-9 Half day Schools during summer Change of School timings in the schools which were drafted as Examination centres-Request Reg.

Ref 1. School Academic Calendar 2018 19 2. This office Procs.Rc No.91A & 1/2019, dated: 14.03.2019 I wish to state that in the reference 2 cited necessary instructions were issued to all the Regional Joint Director of School Education and the District Educational Officers in the State to run the half-a day schools with eflect from 15.03.2019 upto last working day of the Academic year 2018-19 in all Govt. Management Schools ie., Gov, MPP, ZP.Mpl and Aided Schools in the State.

And also issued instructions to the Pyi Mansgement Schools to conduct schools for the said period as deeided by the Parent Teacher In this regard I wish to inform that, 2839 schools are drafted as Examination centres for conducting the SSC Public Examinations March 2019 from 18.03.2019 to 02.04.2019 in the morning session in the State. As such, the regular classes other than X Class have to be conducted from 1.00 P.M to 5.00 PM during the SSC Examinations in these 2839 Schools.

In some of these schools, classes for Primary sections are also being conducted in the aftemoon scssion I, therefore request you to assess the local heat conditions prevailed in your respective district and change the school timings in which the SSC Examination Centres are located in your district accordingly Scanned by CaSuanner File No.ESE02-30r42/2013-A&I-CSE Youra faithfully SAN DHYA RANE HANNEGANTI Cornmissinner ef Schnl Education Copy to the all the District Educntionnl Oficers in the State Copy to the all Regiosal Joint Directors of School Education in the State Copy submitted to Spl. Chlef Seeretary to the Government, School Education Dennrtment, Government of A.P, Amaravati for kind informntion