AP.GO.Ms.28 CCE Pattern of examination system Implementation of Examination Reforms for Classes VI to X Amendment orders


 School Education Department – Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation pattern of examination system – Implementation of Examination Reforms for Classes VI to X – Carry forward the weightage of Class VIII, IX Internal Assessment marks to Class X marks from the academic year 2017-18 – Amendment Issued. 

G.O.Ms.No.28        Dated:25.02.2016

1. G.O.Ms.No.82, School Education (Prog.II) Dept., dated 29.10.2015. 

2. From the Commissioner of School Education, A.P. Hyderabad Note No.778/SCERT/AP/2015, dated 19.12.2015.

 In G.O. Ms. No. 82, SE (Prog.II) Dept. dated 29.10.2015, Government have issued orders for 
implementation of examination reforms i.e. Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation pattern of examination system for Classes VI to IX from the Academic year 2015-16 and for Class X from the Academic Year 2016-17 in fullest extent in all schools in the State i.e. Government, local bodies, aided and private schools.

 2. In order to bring in certain seriousness to the assessment and evaluation system, especially in higher classes, to improve quality education in schools and strengthen classroom engagement of teachers and for providing appropriate weightage to lower classes performance to higher class which will ensure that the students are more engaged in the classes. In the letter 2nd read above, the Commissioner of School Education, A.P. Hyderabad has submitted a proposal to provide weightage for Classes VIII and IX marks @ 5% of each in the Class X Internal Assessment marks.

 3. In the circumstances reported by the Commissioner of School Education, A.P., Hyderabad, after careful examination of the matter, in partial modification of the orders issued in G.O.Ms.No.82, School Education (Prog.II) Department, dated 29.10.2015, Government hereby accept the proposal of the Commissioner of School Education to carry forward weightage of 5% marks from Class VIII and 5% marks from Class IX to Class X Internal Assessment marks from the academic year 2017 – 18. 

Weightage Implementing Procedure and instructions to all the concerned are as follows:

 i. Weightage of class VIII, IX Internal Assessment marks are to be carried forward to Class X.

 ii. G.O. Ms. No. 82, dated 29.10.2015 , in para No. 4 (a), (b), (c), (f), (g) and (m) provides for the implementation schedule, papers and marks. Marks weightage and duration of examination,
Formative Assessment procedure. Summative Assessment procedure, Grading etc. VIII & IX, the Annual Examination (SA-3) have 100 marks in all subjects. Out of which 80 marks are for External Examination and 20 marks are for Internal Assessment. Based on the marks secured in Class VIII and IX, these consolidated marks will be added to Class X.

 iii. The total cumulative marks of 4 Formative and 3 Summative Assessments in Class VIII and Class IX will be reduced to 5% each and given weightage in the Internal Assessment component of Class X. The 20% of Internal Assessment of Class X is to be reduced to 10% for weightage purpose.. In other words, the 20% of Class X will include 5% of Class VIII + 5% of Class IX + 10% of Class X. 

iv. The SCERT will develop detailed implementation proceedings. Detailed guidelines, a model cumulative record, steps to be taken to supply these records to all schools will also be evolved.

 v. The Head Master and respective Subject teachers will prepare the records relating to Formative and Summative Assessments and upload the same on the Commissioner School Education/ Director of Government Examinations Portal. From the cumulative record the yearly students performance will be drawn. Based on the same, weightage of Marks obtained in Classes VIII and IX will be drawn and applied to the Class X evaluations.

 vi. SCERT and DIETs will ensure that the data is uploaded correctly by respective Schools. If required Call centres of SCERT, DCEB and DIET are to be opened with toll free facility to help all the schools irrespective of managements for smooth functioning.

vii. Director of Government Examinations will also get the required software application developed in integration with the existing SSC examinations results application. He will ensure that the cumulative performance record of the current year Classes X students in their Class VIII and IX is obtained online and computed well before commencing the exercise for SSC Examinations.

 viii. Entire process is to be supervised by the D.E.O, Dy.E.O and M.E.Os.

4. The Commissioner of School Education, A.P. Hyderabad, the Director, SCERT, A.P. Hyderabad and the Director of Government Examinations, A.P. Hyderabad shall take further necessary action in the matter.