AP: Special DSC

AP Reorganisation Act, 2014 - Transfer of certain Mandal’s to the Residuary State ofAndhra Pradesh from Khammam District of Telangana State - Filling up of vacanciesof Teacher posts in the merged mandals through Special DSC - Permission - AccordedOrders - Issued.

 G.O.MS.No. 21            Dated: 17-02-2016 

 1. From the Director Tribal Welfare, AP, Hyderabad Lr. Rc.No. K2/1804/2014,Dated 11-6-2015 and 3-7-2015. 

2. From the DTW, AP, Hyderabad D.O.Lr.Rc.No. K1/1904/2014, Dated 31-8-2015. 

In the reference 1st and 2nd read above, the Director, Tribal Welfare A.P., Hyderabad has informed that after bifurcation of the residual State of A.P., theteachers working in the Mandals, which were merged from Khammam District ofTelangana State to East Godavari and West Godavari Districts of residual State of A.P. have opted for their native State of Telangana during counselling that was heldon 6-5-2015 at Khammam District of Telangana. As a result, (285) Teacher Posts fellvacant in the four merged Mandals of East Godavari District and (24) Teacher postsfell vacant in two merged Mandals of West Godavari District. Vacancy position in (4) merged Mandals i.e., 1) Bhadrachalam RevenueMandal2) Kunavaram 3) Chinturu and 4) V.R Puram in East Godavari District. 

2. Government after careful examination of the matter, hereby accord permissionto the Tribal Welfare Department to fill up the above (285+24=309) vacant posts ofTeachers in Tribal Welfare Ashram Schools located in the merged mandalsof EastGodavari and West Godavari Districts with the eligible local STs through specialDSC. 

3. The Tribal Welfare, Secretariat Department and the Director of Tribal WelfareDepartment shall take necessary action for filling up of the respective posts dulyfollowing the relevant rules applicable to direct recruitment to Ashram Schools inScheduled Areas and constituting the District Selection Committees as per theexisting Rules.

4. The Tribal Welfare Department shall issue detailed guidelines regarding therecruitment process