AP:GO.85 Updated Instruction for fixation of Pay in RPS-2015 and Claims


Revision of Pay Scales 2015 – Fixation of pay of employees in the Revised Pay Scales,
2015 – Updated Instruction for fixation of Pay in RPS 2015 and arrear claims – Orders

G.O.MS.No. 85 Dated: 8-7-2015


1. G.O.Ms.No.46, Finance (HRM.V-PC) Dept dated: 30.04.2015.

2. G.O.Ms.No.47, Finance (HRM.V-PC) Dept dated: 30.04.2015

3. G.O.Ms.No.48, Finance (HRM.V-PC) Dept dated: 30.04.2015.

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5. Circular Memo. No.3856-A/29/A2/HRM.V-PC/2014, Dated: 26.5.2015.

6. G.O.Ms.No.67, Finance (HRM.V-PC) Dept dated: 12.06.2015.

7. G.O.Ms.No.68, Finance (HRM.V-PC) Dept dated: 12.06.2015.

8. Circular Memo. No.5375-J-A/29/TA – A&L/2015, Dated: 18.06.2015.

In the references read above, orders were issued for fixation of pay in the Revised
Pay Scales - 2015. After a careful review of the progress in this matter, the Government has decided to make available an updated mechanism for fixation of Pay in the Revised
Scales of Pay 2015 and process the arrear claims expeditiously and accordingly instruct
that the Drawing and Disbursing Officers (DDOs) shall undertake fixation of Pay of the
employees and process the arrear claims through the Human Resources Management
System (HRMS) of the Directorate of Treasuries and Accounts in respect of those
employees whose data cannot be uploaded in e-Nidhi Portal on or before July 09, 2015.
However, the existing facility of e-Nidhi will continue to be available for further
processing of PRC claims in respect of those employees whose data is available in e-
Nidhi as on 08.07.2015. Accordingly, those who have already provided data in e-Nidhi
will be paid in the revised pay scales through e-Nidhi and therefore the same need not be processed through HRMS.

2. The Drawing and Disbursing Officers shall register their details in e-Nidhi on or
before July 20, 2015 and simultaneously log in to the HRMS package of the DTA Portal
using their regular login Id and fill the data relating to all events that have relation to the
drawl of arrears, in the data entry screens specially designed for the purpose in the package.

3. After completing the data entry, the DDOs should press the Final Submission
Button provided therein and generate the bill in three parts – Part –I for the period from
July 01, 2013 to June 01, 2014 for which the fixation is notional; Part – II for the period
from June 02, 2014, to March 31, 2015 for which orders will be issued separately; and
Part – III for the period from April 01, 2015 onwards payment shall be made in cash,
duly making necessary deductions towards Professional Tax and the contribution
towards Contributory Pension Scheme, wherever applicable as per the revised rates. The
DDOs then manually prepare the sanction proceedings/ orders duly obtaining the
approval of the competent authority and attach copies of the same to the arrear pay bill generated through HRMS.

4. The Arrear Pay Bill along with the service register of the employee with upto date
entries shall be sent to the Treasury/ PAO. The Treasury / PAO shall conduct audit of
the bills duly following the normal procedure in passing the bills and with reference to the
entries in the service register.

5. However, the instructions above are not applicable to the employees whose salary
bills are presented to the Assistant Pay and Accounts Officer (W&P) / Pay and Accounts
Officer (W&P), under the control of the Director of Works Accounts, AP. In respect of
these employees, the DDOs shall process the cases manually and present the bills
following the normal procedure.

6. The arrears amount admitted in audit shall be transferred directly to the bank
account of the employee concerned through ECS / e-Payments mode.

7. All the Heads of Departments are requested to issue necessary instructions to the
Departmental Officers under their control to follow the above instructions scrupulously
and co-operate with the Audit Authorities.