AP: Rc.02 SSA Launching 45 Days School Readiness Program


RC NO 02.Dated:18.6.15.

SSA Launching 45 Days School Readiness Program form 22nd June to 5th August

All the Project officers and District Educational officers are informed that it
is decided to continue the school Readiness and class readiness programme during the present academic year i. 2015-16 for a period of about 45 days from 22" une to August 2015 at the Primary, Upper Primary and High school level of education i. from class 1 to 10. More specifically for School readiness is proposed for class and 2and class Readiness for classes from to 10" of Telugu Urdu medium schools and all Government schools including KGB.. ERC and model schools

In this conception the teleconference is to be planned on 20Iune 2015 (10.30am to 430 pm) to all MEOs and all HMs in the state, due to badipilustudndi programme the timings of tele conference is slightly changed as 2.0 PM to .0 PM on 20° june 2015.
The revised timing should be communicated to all MEOs and all HMs, of in the state.