Online, Web Based Counselling for Teacher Transfers, June 2017


Welcome to all the Headmasters and Teacherstothe online, web basedtransfer counselling system.

This is designed to facilitate an easy, transparent,objective way of identifying vacancies, filing transfer application and makingoptions/choices one is interested in.The Centre for Good Governance (CGG) isproviding al technical support to facilitate the online application submission andweb optionsexercising and drawing up of seniority lists and transfer lists.I.

Step byStep process
to be followedforfillingOnlineTransferApplication

 Form1.Go tohttp://cse.ap.gov.in

2.Click on the Application for Teacher Transfersin Teachers Corner

3.Fill in the application form as per the instructions given in the User Guideand Government Orders and alsokeeping in mind theclarifications issuedfrom time to time.

4.Confirm the next dialogue box (i.e., Fields marked with ‘*’ are compulsory).It is advised tosubmit mobile phone numbers that are in working conditionand keep it in use till completion of the whole transfer process, as allcommunications will be sent through sms from time to time

5.Enter your7-digitTreasury Id, Date of Birth,and enter the verification code

6.The application will be opened.

7.Auto-Populated Fields:i)When the application formisopened, you will find that the some ofthefields are auto populated. This is done to make the process ofsubmitting your application easy and quick. Thefields that are auto-populated or filled up in advance with the required information are:a.Name of the Districtb.Zone, Mandalc.Treasury Id, Date of Birthd.Gendere.Present working School Code with name and management

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AP.GO.31 & 32 .AP Teacher Transfer RULES,Guidelines & Performance points


Rules - The Andhra Pradesh Teachers (Regulation of Transfers) Rules - Orders

G.O.Ms.No.31 Dated: 31.05.2017
G.O.Ms.No.32 Dated: 04.06.2017

       Difference of Go.31& 32

*For Spouse 5 pts allotted instead of 4 pts .,

*Rationalisation 2 pts instead of 1Point.,

*Service Points 0.5 instead of 0.4,

*Muscular distrophy added in preferential category & added ASD equalent to Open Heart Surgery

*For Gr:2 HM's treating 5yrs completed yrs as Long standing instead of Aca.yrs.


1. G.O.Ms.No.63, Education (Ser.II) Department, Dated:31.08.2015.
         2. CSE Lr.No.4102/Est –III/2015 dated 23.3.2017.
         3. CSE Lr.Rc.No.190/Est-III/2017, Dated: 10.04.2017.

In order to facilitate and regulate the transfers of Headmasters Grade II Gazetted and teachers working in Government / ZPP / MPP schools in Andhra Pradesh School Education Service and the Andhra Pradesh School Education Subordinate Service, Government have decided to issue rules relating to transfers.

2. Further, under Right to Education (RTE) Act 2009, every child in the age group of 6 to 14 years is to be provided upto Eight years of Elementary Education on admission to an age appropriate class in the vicinity of his / her neighborhood. Further, there is a need to rationalize the staff in schools and posts in Primary, Upper Primary and High Schools as there are some schools with higher enrolment of students vis-à-vis the sanctioned teaching posts and on the other hand there are some schools with uneconomic enrolment of students with more the justified teacher posts. Government desires to ensure appropriate school/class level teacher – pupil ratio and strengthen academic monitoring / support to teachers at mandal and divisional level. Keeping the above in view, there is need to regulate the staffing pattern by way of transfers.

3. The Commissioner of School Education will take action to call for the applications for transfer of teachers through online and conduct web counseling duly obtaining the options every year after the closure of academic session for that year. A proper time schedule would be announced by the Commissioner of School Education for this purpose which will lay out all the details including time frame for application, counselling, grievance redressal, issue of orders and relief and joining of HM/teachers. The Headmasters/teachers shall apply online at the IP address given for the purpose.

4. For the purpose of Transfers of Teachers, the assessment of Teacher posts required in any school will be based on U-DISE of the previous academic year with cutoff date as 31st December.

5. In exercise of the powers conferred by Section 78 and 99 of A.P. Education Act 1982 (Act 1 of 1982) and under Article 309 of the Constitution of India and in supersession of all the earlier Rules and guidelines on transfer of teachers, the Government of Andhra Pradesh hereby makes the following Rules regulating the transfers of the categories of Headmasters Gr.II Gazetted, School Assistants and Secondary Grade Teachers and their equivalent categories in the A.P. School Education Service and in the A.P. School Education Subordinate Service working in the Government Schools and Z.P.P. and MPP Schools in the State.

6. The Commissioner of School Education shall be competent to remove difficulties/ issue clarification for smooth and proper implementation of these orders. Govt will be competent to modify/ amend these rules, if required at any point of time.

7. Government in the Department of School Education, shall be competent to transfer teachers if required, on administrative grounds, outside these rules/framework and time schedule during an academic calendar.

8. Work adjustments orders to shuffle teachers can be carried out by the Commissioner of School Education during an academic calendar year to ensure proper and optimum utilization of HM/Teachers in schools wherever their services are required for the purpose of better academic performance of the students.

A.P.Teachers (Regulation of Transfers) Rules
Short Title and Applicability:

These rules may be called the Andhra Pradesh Teachers (Regulation of Transfers) Rules.

These rules shall be applicable to Headmaster Gr.-II Gazetted in the Andhra Pradesh School Education Service and School Assistants / Secondary Grade Teachers and other equivalent categories in Andhra Pradesh School Education Subordinate Service, herein after referred to as Teacher in these Rules.

These rules shall come into force with immediate effect.

Criteria for Transfers

The following categories of Headmasters Gr.II Gazetted / Teachers in the Government / ZPP /MPP shall be transferred.

Those Teachers who have completed 8 Academic calendar years of service and those Head Masters Gr.II who have completed 5 Academic Calendar years of service as on date of closure of schools in a particular school in the Academic year in which transfers are to be taken up shall be transferred compulsorily. (More than half the academic year would be considered as a complete full year for this purpose and less than half would not be considered).

Provided those who are going to retire within two (2) years from 30th April of the year in which transfers are to be taken up shall not be transferred until and unless the incumbent requests for such transfer.

The male Headmaster Gr.II / Teacher aged below 50 years as on 30th April of the year (in which transfers are to be taken up), and working in Girls High School.

If no women Headmasters Gr.II / Teachers are available to work in Girls High Schools, then the male Teachers who crossed 50 years of age as on 30th April of the year, in which transfers are to be taken up, may be considered for posting to such schools.

Headmaster Gr.II / Teachers who have completed a minimum period of two years-service in a School as on 30th April of the year, in which transfers are to be taken up, shall be eligible to apply for transfer.

The teachers being shifted on completion of the Rationalization exercise (i.e.) Primary Schools, Upper Primary Schools and in High Schools shall be preferably posted to those schools where such new posts have come up due to rationalization. In case such Teacher is not willing for that, they can be allowed to participate in the transfer counseling by following the norms.

Criteria for identification of teachers being shifted on Rationalization: Junior teacher as per the service in the cadre. If senior is willing, senior teacher may be shifted duly obtaining a declaration counter signed by the inspecting officer concerned. Requirement of teachers in such schools where inadequacy of teachers exists would be preferred.

The Headmasters Gr.II Gazetted and Teachers who have completed 5 and 8 years of service respectively as NCC officer should be posted in a vacancy in a school where there is NCC unit.

Preference shall be given to Head Master Gr-II, who have studied the language concerned (Urdu / Tamil / Kannada / Oriya) Language as 1st Language as main subject to the respective Medium Schools.

The number of years of service completed in a particular school, in a particular cadre should be taken into consideration.

Visually challenged teachers are exempted from transfers. However, if such teachers desire to apply for transfer may apply for transfer counseling.

Transfers shall be effected from within the Present Management in which the teacher / Headmaster Gr.II is working.

If the Teacher / Headmaster Gr.II desires to go to his / her parent management such Teacher / Headmaster Gr.II may opt for transfer to only those vacancies available in their parent management.

Transfers shall be effected from Agency Area to Plain Area and Plain Area to Agency Area (except local Scheduled Tribe Teachers working in Agency Area)

As per G.O.Ms.No.3 Tribal Welfare Department, Dated:10.01.2000, Headmasters/ Teachers belonging to local tribes are to be posted in Agency areas.

Non Tribal Headmasters/Teachers currently working in Schools in agency areas may also apply for transfers to plain area.

Normally as per G.O.Ms.No.3, Dated: 10.01.2000, teachers working in Plain areas may not be posted to Agency Area. However, if there are large number of vacancies in Agency Area, Plain Area teachers shall be posted in Agency Area on tenure basis, temporarily for a maximum period of 2 years in the interest of Tribal students and for continuing instruction in the schools in Tribal Area. Such teachers shall be reposted to plain areas as and when the post is filled with a tribal teacher through recruitment or on completion of 2 years tenure whichever is earlier.
(g) If the vacancy of teacher post could not be filled in Tribal areas, junior most surplus teacher/s in plain area shall be deputed temporarily after completion of transfer counseling.



AP.GO.NO.210 Norms for Rationalisation of Muncipal Schoos


Norms for Rationalisation of Schools, Posts and Staff under 
Municipal management – Orders – Issued.

G.O.Ms.No.210 Dated:23.05.2017

From the Director of Municipal Administration, A.P, Guntur
Letter No.11021/29/2016-J SEC-CDMA, 03/07/2016.

In the Letter read above, the Director of Municipal Administration, A.P,
Guntur has stated that it is found that there are some municipal schools with
higher student strength vis-a-vis the sanctioned teaching posts and on the other
hand some schools with uneconomic strength of students have more teachers.
There are wide variations in Teacher-Pupil Ratio among different schools. In order
to maintain homogeneity and equality in Teacher Pupil Ratio (T.P.R) among all
schools running under the management of Municipal administration, it is proposed
to undertake the process of Rationalization of Schools, Posts and Staff in Municipal
schools. It is further submitted that various Teacher Union Representatives across
the state have also submitted their requests for undertaking rationalization and to
eliminate the disparities that are existing. Therefore, he has requested the
Government to issue orders Norms for Rationalisation of Schools, Posts and Staff
under Municipal management so as to achieve Teachers Pupil ratio and complete
Rationalisation of staffing pattern among Municipal Teachers working in Urban
Local Bodies as was issued norms for Rationalization of Schools, Posts and Staff in
Education Department under various management viz., Government, ZP, MPP,
Municipal Schools.

2. After careful consideration of the proposal of the Director of Municipal
Administration, A.P, Guntur, Government hereby issues the following norms and
guidelines and necessary rationalisation of the posts / teachers in all the Municipal
Schools shall be taken up based on the integrated UDISE Data 2016 with
immediate effect:-
The Municipality / Corporation is Rationalization Counselling Unit, School is
the Unit for assessing the requirement and surplus and also Counselling Place is
District Head Quarters under the Chairmanship of Regional Directors of Municipal
Administration concerned.


Ap.GO.Ms.No.29 Norms for Rationalisation of schools,posts and staff under various managements Govt,ZP,MP SCHOOLS

AP School  Education  - Norms  for Rationalisation of  Schools,  Posts  and Staff  under  various managements  (viz.) Government, Zilla  Parishad, Mandal  Parishad  Schools  – Orders  - Issued. 

G.O.MS.No. 29       Dated: 22-05-2017      

1. G.O.Ms.No.55  Education (Ser.III) Department, Dated:23.04.2011. 

2.  G.O.Ms.No.61 Education  (SE-SER-III)  Department,  Dated:  16.05.2011.

 3.  C.S.E.Lr.Rc.No.25/Estt-III/2015, Dated:30.06.2015 addressed to Government. 

4.  G.O.Ms.No.39- 51,  Education  (Ser.II)  Department,  Dated:07.08.2015 pertains  to respective  districts. 

5.  C.S.E.  Proc.Rc.No.4102/Estt-III/2015,  Dated:01.01.2016. 

6.  C.S.E.Lr.Rc.No.4102/Estt-III/2015,  Dated:26.04.2016  addressed to  Government. 

7.  Govt.  Memo.No.228816/Ser-II/A2/2016 School  Education  Department, Dated:19.05.2016. 

 8.  C.S.E.Proc.Rc.No.4102/Estt-III/2015, Dated:26.05.2016. 

9.  Lr.Rc.No.4102/Estt-III/2015,  Dated: 10.04.2017 addressed to Government. 

Government  vide  G.O.Ms.No.55  Education (Ser.III)  Department, Dated:23.04.2011 and  G.O.Ms.No.61 Education  (SE-SER-III)  Department,  Dated: 16.05.2011 have  issued  norms for  Rationalization  of  Schools,  Posts,  and  Staff  under various  managements  (viz.)  Government, Zilla  Parishad,  Mandal  Parishad,  Municipal Schools.  It is  found that, there are still  some schools  with higher  student strength  visà-vis  the  sanctioned teaching  posts  and  on  the other hand  there  are  some  schools  with uneconomic strength  of  students  having  more  teachers.

2) During  2015,  based on  the  Working  Group recommendations,  positive consolidation  of the primary  schools  and establishment of Model  Primary  Schools  was taken up. Government  in G.O.Ms.No.39  Education (Ser.II) Department, Dated:07.08.2015 to  G.O.Ms.No.51 Education  (Ser.II)  Department,  Dated:07.08.2015 read  with  G.O.Ms.No.86 Education (Ser.II)  Department,  Dated:03.11.2015 to G.O.Ms.No.98 Education  (Ser.II)  Department,  Dated:03.11.2015  issued  orders indicating  norms  for Establishment of Model  Primary  Schools  in the  State.

3) Further,  vide  reference 5th  and  8th  read above,  a Committee  was  constituted to  study and  suggest revision  of  rules  issued  in  G.O.Ms.No.  55 Education  (Ser.III) Department, Dated 23.04.2011  and G.O.Ms.No.61  Education (SE-SER-III) Department, Dated  16.05.2011.

4) The Committee suggested revised norms  taking  a realistic approach,  RTE norms,  subject weightage,  allocation  of  periods,  workload,  accessibility,  viability of schools,  present  sanctioned  strength  etc.  The  Commissioner  of  School  Education Andhra  Pradesh  in  the  reference 9th  cited,  requested the  Government to issue  orders based  on  the recommendations  of  the  Committee.  Further,  certain suggestions  were received  from the Hon'ble M.L.Cs  and Teachers’ Unions  at  a meeting  held  on 04.06.2016.





Closing Date:16.06.2017

Date of Computer Based Examination (Tier-I): 01.08.2017-20.08.2017

Date of Tier-II: 10.11.2017 & 11.11.2017

Date of Tier-III (Descriptive): 21.01.2018

Date of Tier-IV (Skill test)- Feb, 2018

F. No. 3/4/2016–P&P-I. Staff Selection Commission will hold the Combined Graduate
Level Examination, 2017 (Tier-I) from 01.08.2017 to 20.08.2017 for selecting candidates
for Tier-II examination for filling up different categories of posts in various Ministries/
Departments/ Organisations. Subject to administrative / public exigencies, final selection
through the Combined Graduate Level Examination to specific categories of posts would be
according to the confirmed number of vacancies from the concerned Indenting Ministries/
Department/Office/Cadres before declaration of results.

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AP (SSC) 10th class results 2017 

Today At 3 Pm; Here's How To Check It
From Bseap.org

AP SSC results will be announced anytime soon at bseap.org.

AP SSC Results 2017: Expected Today, Check At Bseap.org

Board of Secondary Education Andhra Pradesh (BSEAP) will announce the AP SSC Class 10th results 2017 today. Those students who had appeared for the exam must wait for the official announcement. The examination was held in the month of March- April 2017. The result is highly important and is considered to be the foundation of a student's career. Admission process for higher education courses will begin soon after the declaration of AP 10th Result 2017. Students, who are keen for their results, must go through the following points carefully.

Students should not panic with the result declaration time. Every update will be mentioned in the official website.

AP SSC Results can be checked at the official website of the Board at bseap.org.

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